Roadside Recovery


At Aden, we have all the tools necessary to keep you on the road/provide the complete service including a Roadside Recovery Pick Up Truck!

Should you break down within reasonable distance away from the garage we can send a mobile mechanic to assist! Should he be unable to fix your vehicle allowing you to go on your way, the flat bed recovery pick up truck can take the vehicle back to our garage to affect repairs or get you and your vehicle home to make arrangements to have your vehicle fixed elsewhere!

Recovery or the cost of sending out a recovery truck and mobile mechanic is £35.00 per man hour/part man hour chargeable by mobile card machine on the spot.

We do not invoice for this particular service.

However if you allow us to take your vehicle to our garage and instruct us to repair same, the call out fee(s) will be waived.

We’re with you every step of the way…