Cars & Vans For Sale


Our customers regularly ask us to sell their cars & vans for them because we’ve a complete dossier on work done to their vehicles over a period of time.

In addition to, we buy & sell vehicles on a regular basis!

If we do not have the particular vehicle in stock you’d like in your price range we will, if you wish us to, source a vehicle for you! To source the right vehicle for you, we take a £300.00 deposit up front so that we have a working relationship from day one.

To extol the benefits of the cars we are selling we use a third party car dealer website, where all the information on the cars we are selling can be found.

If we have a car for sale, simply click on the picture of the car you would like to see more information on to be taken to our associate car dealer website.

The following vehicles are currently for sale: –