And NO Big Bills!

Unlike any other Garage that we know off we go the extra mile to try and ward off hugely expensive repair bills by coming up with ideas on how to make motoring affordable!

What if for example we said ‘why wait until there’s something wrong with it’….

One problem legates another…the first compounding the second and so on until ‘the repair’ has an astronomical effect on your bank balance or credit cards!

Everything we’re saying makes sense huh!


Instead of waiting for the fateful day, join our budget plan!

Simply put you agree to put your car into our garage three (3) times a year!

We charge you £35.00 (One hours labour time) to inspect your car and come up with ‘what’s needed’ to keep it safe & roadworthy! May need nothing – £35.00 & a sigh of relief, but if it ‘needs’ then the cost of repairs far less than would be if it broke down….needed major repairs for it’s MOT for example!

You’ve got to read it, feel it and see what we’re telling you because we’re right!

Think about it!

By letting you join our scheme we’re actually cutting our own throats really!

And that’s a fact….


  • Call us and tell us you want to join our Budget Plan
  • Arrange to have your vehicle checked over…. (£35.00)
  • Arrange to have repairs, if any required, done…
  • Arrange with George how your Budget Plan is going to work out best for you! He’ll keep you right! And sigh a genuine sigh of relief that, ex the extraordinary, you’ll never have to pay extortionate bills ever again!